Books Read on Adventure

One goal for this adventure was to read at least two books a month. I get asked a lot by friends about what I’m reading, so figured I’d add this page to keep track myself and share some of my favorites. I won’t write much about each one, but will include a little score of what I thought.

You can also find me and the books I’ve read on Goodreads.

What else should I be reading?

  1. Secret Life of Bees – 5/5
  2. Little Fires Everywhere – 5/5
  3. Red Rising 1 – 5/5
  4. Golden Son (Red Rising 2) – 4/5 (not as good as the first)
  5. Morning Star (Red Rising 3) – 4.5/5
  6. My Brilliant Best Friend – 4/5 (some good parts, but really slow and tedious in the middle)
  7. Name of the Wind – 3/5 (this took me forever to read, but finally I finished it just to appease my friend Tony who recommended it to me)
  8. Hey Ladies! – 4.5/5 (fun read with ridiculous characters and different format, a little eye-rolling at times but I enjoyed it)
  9. Commonwealth – 4/5
  10. An American Marriage – 4/5
  11. The Alice Network – 4.5/5
  12. Night Circus – 3/5
  13. The Great Alone – 2/5 (too depressing, I couldn’t get through it all)
  14. Crazy Rich Asians – 5/5 (fun, entertaining read)
  15. The Power – 4/5
  16. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – 5/5 (reread for perhaps the 7th time, I was back in the UK, so figured why not!)
  17. Educated – 4/5 (very interesting memoir of a religious, off-the-grid family)
  18. Crazy China Girlfriend – 3.5/5
  19. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – 4.5/5
  20. Rich People Problems – 4/5 (book 3 of the Crazy Rich Asians series, continued fun read)
  21. Six of Crows – 4.5/5
  22. Iron Gold, book 4 of the Red Rising series – 4/5 (not as good as the previous ones, but still a good read!)
  23. Year One – 3/5 (it was kind of an interesting story but a little cheesy in terms of the writing)
  24. Crooked Kingdom – 5/5 (equal to Six of Crows and real good yet again!)
  25. Becoming – 4/5 (I recommend this as an audiobook as I always love hearing memoirs told in the actual voice of the author, and Michelle Obama was no exception!)
  26. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – 2/5 (started out interesting, then just became a bit arrogant and obnoxious I felt)
  27. An Olive Grove at the End of the World – 5/5 (such a fun read about the true stories of a Chicago couple used to the city life who move to a small farm in middle of nowhere New Zealand)
  28. Where the Crawdads Sing – 5/5 (such an interesting, unique story with twists I didn’t expect)
  29. We Were Liars – 3/5 (entertaining enough but not that good of a story)
  30. Behold the Dreamers – 5/5 (amazing read. I loved the complexity of the characters)
  31. Fruit of the Drunken Tree – 5/5 (loved everything about this book. Heartwrenching at times but incredible writing and story of two girls growing up during Pablo Escobar’s reign over Colombia)
  32. The Circle – 3.5/5 (like an episode of Black Mirror)
  33. Life and Other Near Death Experiences – 4/5
  34. Riding High – 3/5 (memoir from the woman who started SoulCycle and FlyWheel, not very well written or endearing)
  35. Daisy Jones and the Six – 5/5
  36. Brave New World – 4/5 (kind of fun to reread this since I haven’t since high school, but it wasn’t as good as I remembered)
  37. All Our Wrong Todays – 3/5
  38. A Woman is No Man – 4.5/5 (wonderful story of life as a Palestinian woman living in Brooklyn)
  39. Bear Town – 4/5 (well written but a really tough story line)
  40. Something in the Water – 3.5/5 (similar to Gone Girl, an easy read but not the best plot)
  41. The Silent Patient – 4/5
  42. Next Year in Havana
  43. Found: A Life in Mountain Rescue
  44. A River in Darkness
  45. I Miss You When I Blink
  46. Circe
  47. City of Girls
  48. Turtles All the Way Down
  49. Things You Save in a Fire