As I write this in November of 2019, we’ve been on the road for almost 2 years and have visited 25 countries on this grand journey. Where are our favorites? What have been the best adventures?

Check out this page for some highlights from our prior travels.

Watching giraffes in the Masai Mara – November 2018

Favorite Countries

  • Kenya
  • Jordan
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Fiji
Exploring the ancient city of Petra in Jordan – October 2018
Magical Fiji – June 2019

Cities We Love (to Live)

  • London, England
  • Arequipa, Peru
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Madrid, Spain
The amazing mountains surrounding Arequipa – June 2018

Cities We Love (to Visit)

  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Medellín, Colombia
  • Mexico City, Mexico
Queenstown – March 2019
Western Wall, Jerusalem – November 2018

Top Experiences

  • Incredible wildlife safari in Kenya
  • San Blas Adventures on the islands between Colombia and Panama
  • Colca Canyon tour in Peru
  • Seeing the border crossing ceremony in Amritsar, India
  • Untold Music Festival in Romania
  • Diving in the Red Sea of Jordan
  • Hot air ballooning in India
  • Dive liveaboard on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia
  • Snorkeling with giant Manta Rays in Fiji
  • Hiking at the Dana Eco-lodge in Jordan
  • Living and working in Costa Rica for 3 months
  • Roadtripping to 15 National Parks throughout the US
Amazing Mesa Arch in Canyonlands, Utah

Craziest Adventures

  • Trekking to Rainbow Mountain in Peru
  • Roadtripping in Jordan
  • White water kayaking at River Valley Lodge in New Zealand
  • Taking a REALLY tiny plane that took off from sand for a ride over Frasier Island, Australia