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Safari Tips

If you’ve read my last post, you know now how much I loved the safari we went on in Kenya. It was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. And one I wasn’t expecting to have on this trip! As much as I’ve always wanted to see all the animals, given how… Read More Safari Tips

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Unsurprisingly we get a lot of questions about our travels and what life has been like for us this year. Now that we’ve been on the road for over 8 months (how’d that happen?!), I figured I’d share a little FAQ. More questions you’d like me to answer? Send ’em my way or include in the… Read More FAQs

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{Travel Tips} iTalki Language Classes: Cómo Aprendo Español

“Oh Erin, hablas español?” Eeks! That is usually the first response in my head when someone asks me if I speak Spanish, in Spanish. Outwardly, I’ve gotten very good at saying “Un poco. Estoy aprendiendo…” (A little. I am learning…) Although I did take French for about 6-7 years in middle and high school, you… Read More {Travel Tips} iTalki Language Classes: Cómo Aprendo Español