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Amazing Yellowstone

We were lucky enough to kick off our National Park road trip with a week at Yellowstone. Wow. Absolutely incredible. The geysers, the views, the waterfalls, the crazy rock formations. All the buffalo, the elk, and our one bear (!!!) sighting. It was all beautiful and fascinating and intriguing. I was definitely smitten. Our National… Read More Amazing Yellowstone


See Ya Soon, Portland!

Here we are at the end of summer already! Esh. And now we are back on the road! We spent a fabulous July and August back in Portland, enjoying being in a familiar city, running boring errands like seeing the dentist, and catching up with some of our favorite people. A few summer highlights. Not… Read More See Ya Soon, Portland!

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Exploring Fraser Island

One thing we kept reading about when researching the east coast of Australia was Fraser Island, a massive national park on the world’s largest sand island.  What exactly does a sand island mean? Well over 750,000 years, sand from the ocean kept accumulating in the same spot until an island was formed. It is now… Read More Exploring Fraser Island