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Sunshine, Spreadsheets and Sloths

Holy cow, it’s already been almost 2 months since we left Portland. It seems like it was only a few days ago that we were in the pouring rain of Oregon!

In an effort to not stare at my computer after the work day and explore the best of Costa Rica during the weekends, I haven’t been keeping this blog as updated on all of our adventures. If you need more Erin in your life (who doesn’t?! 🙂 ), be sure to follow me on Instagram at @BingoAbroad where I’m posting more regular updates!

What’s life like? Check out this video of one second everyday from our time in Costa Rica so far!

Standard Weekdays

So how does it feel being gone this long? You know, it’s funny because in so many ways, life is similar enough I’ve almost forgotten being gone. My work days are filled with meetings in nearly identical conference rooms and working on Excel spreadsheets in my similar cubicle. Most days, I hit Tikicia Crossfit, which despite the coaching in 95% Spanish is like any other Crossfit with ass-kicking workouts and friendly people. After all that, I return to my comfortable (read: very Western apartment) to make dinner and read or watch Netflix.

Does that mean I’ve assimilated to life here or totally the opposite? Jury may be out.

Adventure Weekends

That being said, our weekends are quite different, where we’ve been venturing out to see the country of Costa Rica. We’ve been lucky to have our good friend Summer come visit, as well as Brice’s dad Keith and even some Intel Oregon coworkers (ok, they weren’t here to see us per se, but still fun to see them!).

The last four weekends have been jampacked checking out everything from the beach to the mountains:

  • Cartago/Orosi Valley: We explored the mountains and lush green valleys of the area to the east of San Jose
  • Dominical: Played in the warm waters of the Pacific and completed a hot and humid hike to the refreshing Nauyaca Waterfall
  • Arenal: Hiked around the base of this large volcano with some lucky views of the summit!
  • Manuel Antonio: Spotted five sloths, brightly colored parrots, tons of monkeys, and beautiful beaches at the most popular national park

(Promise more posts on all those activities coming soon.)

What’s Coming Up?

With another seven weekends here, we aren’t slowing down and got loads more on tap:

  • Cheering on the Alajeula soccer team at a Costa Rica futbol game (Brice is hoping it will include some crazy soccer riots…)
  • Snorkel tour in Corcovado National Park on the Pacific coast to spot fish and befriend some turtles
  • Riding horses on the beach on the Caribbean Side to a eco-lodge only accessible via boat, horse or hike.
  • Hiking to a giant waterfall with some coworkers

Hoping we’ll also add in the Tenorio volcano area and the blue waters of Rio Celeste, the exploring Monteverde Cloud Forest for the stereotypical Costa Rica activity of ziplining and hanging bridge tour, and visiting a vanilla plantation (who knew they grew vanilla here? Not me but this is right up my alley!).

Awesome sloth photo taken by Keith

As for Brice, he is off to take practice some Spanish at a weeklong program on the coast. He is also headed out to climb Cerro Chirripo, one of the highest mountains in Central America. I am super jealous, but alas permits are hard to come by so we couldn’t find two especially on a weekend. Plus somebody has to work I guess?!

Is It All Rainbows and Sunshine?

Well actually the weather generally is rainbows and sunshine in Costa Rica, so yes… Oh, you meant in terms of emotions? 🙂

Of course social media doesn’t show the whole story.

San Jose is not our ideal living destination with chaotic traffic, ugly architecture, and poor walkability as sidewalks are often nonexistent and yielding for pedestrians is not really a thing here. I miss seeing my friends and parents and am envious of skiers with all the great snow Oregon this season.

And I definitely am nostalgic for the high-quality, fresh food back home, instead of the bland rice and steamed frozen broccoli and carrots I can’t get away from here. Certainly not the creative vegetarian eats of my Portland days!

Not that I’m trying to sound whiny or complain, it is more that I want this blog to be real about what’s happening my life as we are on the road. Obviously, this is an amazing opportunity to live and work in another country, especially one with incredibly friendly people and gorgeous beaches and volcanoes nearby. All in all, know we are enjoying the adventures, pretending to be Ticos and soaking up all the Vitamin D!

(Plus after 6 weeks, we finally found a couple good restaurants with fresh vegetable-forward dishes, right near our apartment. Huzzah!)

Sending love from Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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