And Off We Go

Well, after 3 years or so of dinner conversations and late night talks about leaving town and traveling the world, we finally decided to do it. So on January 13th, Brice and I are off on a global adventure!

While we have had a lot of positives in Portland – a beautiful condo, the best of friends, our parents close by, solid jobs. We still were both ready for a change. Life is short and there is a lot in the world we would like to experience. We figured, hey we are financially capable and physically able to do a lot of exciting travel, so why wait? Let’s just do it.

So what exactly are we doing? Where are we going?

First up, we’re off to Mexico for a little R&R in Mexico City and then the Tulum area. I know, I know, my mom even called me out on this one. “You’re taking off to travel so you need a vacation before your vacation?” I hear ya, Mom, but actually I’ll be working in Costa Rica for 3 months first.

Yup, we will then be going to Costa Rica where I’ll be working at Intel’s San Jose office, supporting the transition of some accounting processes. When I was presented with the opportunity, despite some initial hesitation, I knew I had to say yes. The team down there is great and I’ll get A LOT of chances to practice my Spanish, plus we’ve always wanted to try out living somewhere else.

When not working, the plan is to see as much of Costa Rica as we can during our 3 months there, including the Arenal volcano, waterfalls, the cloud forest, and of course the beaches.

Anatara Elephant Reserve, Thailand – November 2014

After that, we’ll be heading further south. TBD exactly where but we’ve got a long list of places we’d like to visit including Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. More to come on those plans closer in!

Wish us luck and follow along here and at my new Instagram account @BingoAbroad!

Rome, August 2016

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