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Temporary Home in London

After our three weeks in Romania, we popped back west to London. We had originally booked a beautiful apartment in East London for a full week. Especially as we have traveled to London several times so we didn’t need to do all the touristy destinations – and that this was the longest we had stayed in any one destination since we left Costa Rica in April – we assumed 8 days would be plenty of time to see some museums and visit with friends.

In those few days, I got to hit up one of my restaurant musts – Ottolenghi – and wander through some key markets – Columbia Street Flower Market, Brick Lane Market and Borough Market. But we didn’t even come close to hitting all the places on our London to-do list, like Tate Modern or any West End musicals.

Such gorgeous flowers at the weekly year-round Columbia Street Flower Market
Vegan burgers at Borough Market

On one of our last scheduled days, I broached the topic with Brice. “What are your thoughts on extending our time here?” As it isn’t as exotic as staying a month someplace like Hanoi, London wasn’t necessarily high on my list of places to stop for a while. But with so much to do and fun places to eat, several good friends living in the city, and it surprising us by not being nearly as expensive as we expected, we agreed to stay a little longer.

Plus there is something to be said for staying in a city that is just easy – everything is in English, public transport is super convenient, you can drink the water straight from the tap, there is vegetarian food everywhere… Fully admit, all those things make it a nice stopping point!

Love all of the pubs here!
One of the fabulous dishes we had at Ottolenghi – nectarines and beets with feta, za’atar and almonds

We’ve now got ourselves a flat in a hip and convenient part of East London for a few weeks. Seeing Aladdin the musical, regaining some strength at Crossfit London, exploring more old pubs, and enjoying time with friends are all on tap.

So if you need us before the end of September, London is where you can find us!

2 thoughts on “Temporary Home in London

  1. I can tell you miss CrossFit!!! And understand the feeling. For me it was Spin and I was so happy every time a hotel gym had a spin bike!!! 🙂 Most people would be happy to take a break from excercise but some of us miss it when we travel for long periods…

    1. Haha, yes I love Crossfit, especially the community aspect. Even when traveling, it’s a fun way to meet people and get some insider tips too! I may be a bit exercise-obsessed than most, but with traveling nonstop for 8+ months, I’ve definitely got to get some exercise in to offset this eating and drinking! 😀

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