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Experiences in Jerusalem

Have you ever heard of Jerusalem Syndrome? Apparently this is a real thing, defined as a mental phenomena where “foreign visitors suffer psychotic delusions that they are figures from the Bible or harbingers of the End of Days” after visiting Jerusalem. We first read about it in Lonely Planet and then again in this article by… Read More Experiences in Jerusalem

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3 Weeks in India

After three weeks in India, we finally parted ways. We just arrived in Dubai for some Middle East adventures. While we never made it to the southern half of India and the parts of Northern India we saw are certainly on the tourist trail (if there is one for gringos), we felt like we saw… Read More 3 Weeks in India

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Travel Styles

Brice and I recently had a discussion over dinner about our travel style. As Brice put it, we take with us a little “American bubble” – upgrading from the most basic accommodations or modes of transport so we can travel safely, healthily and, I would be lying if I didn’t admit, comfortably. But that prompted… Read More Travel Styles

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Unsurprisingly we get a lot of questions about our travels and what life has been like for us this year. Now that we’ve been on the road for over 8 months (how’d that happen?!), I figured I’d share a little FAQ. More questions you’d like me to answer? Send ’em my way or include in the… Read More FAQs